basic structure

basically there are two types of stators. In the push-button-action stator the switch is operated by pressure on to the moving contact-system. Therefore the position of the contact-system and the speed of the switching operation depends directly on the rotor.

In the snap-action stator, the contact-system remains initially in its basic position although the rotor is already in touch with the contact-system. Upon further influence of the rotor the contact-system snaps to the second position. The advantage here is it has exactly two positions of the contact-system (open or close). The movement of the contacts is very fast and independent on the rotor.

The centrifugal switch (rotary speed switch) consists of two components,  the  stator and the rotor

Set-up of the switch

The basic set-up of the switch is identical.The contact device (stator) is connected to the auxiliary phase and/or appliance which has to be controlled. The stator in fact provides the breaking function.
A revolving centrifugal device (rotor) is fixed on the axle of the motor and activates the stator, when it reaches the specified breaking speed.


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