Centrifugal switches

1. What is the difference between centrifugal switches (FKS) and rotary speed switches (DZS)?

Answer:  The main difference is due to application. The classic centrifugal switch is used to switch off the auxiliary phase at electrical motors that are run with one single phase. Therefore the revolution speeds are normally fixed as per design of motor type. Number of poles and frequency of mains voltage give the rated speed for the motor, for example 1500 rpm. for motor 4-pole run with 50 Hz. We use the rated speed for the type No. For the mentioned motor,  type E1 02/16/1500.000 could be used. The effective breaking speed is about 80% of the rated speed, so 1200 rpm. in this case. For most of the applications this choice is sufficient.

The rotary speed switch is used for various applications for control and steering purposes. The needed breaking speed results individually from present application. For these switches we use the effective breaking speed in type No., for example E1 02/16/0950.100A, which describes rotor which will break the contact at 950 rpm in speed-up phase. The desired breaking speed can be chosen within range which is given by design type of switch. The corresponding stators provide turn-over contacts to meet various requirements.


2. Which range of breaking speeds can be provided?

Answer:  Breaking speeds available are within range 600 and  3600 rpm.



Starting relay

1. How to find suitable relay?

Answer:  You need  to know exactly the electrical data of the motor. If necessary, determination of pick-up current and drop-out current can be made using the instruction flyer. Selection of suitable relay is made directly with relay type list.

2. Evaluated current values don’t match values in the type list?

Answer:  The most important value is the pick-up current. The determined drop-out value must be always lower than drop-out current mentioned in the type list.
This is very important to guarantee, that the relay contacts are opened again safely and switch off the auxiliary phase.





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FAQ list:

  1. What is the difference between centrifugal swítch (FKS) and rotary speed switch (DZS)?
  2. Which range of breaking speeds can be provided?
  3. How to find the suitable Relay?
  4. Evaluated current values don’t match values in the type list?

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